Big Hearted Families Book Club: Miss Tizzy

Transform  family night into a creative, fun, book-centered kindness practice!  1 book + 1 recipe + 1 kindness activity

The book for April 2013 is Miss Tizzy by Libba Moore Gray.

Living in community with others may not feel like a special act of kindness, but the everyday joys we share with one another make life beautiful. And simple rituals with friends can be an incredible comfort during difficult times.

Miss Tizzy, with all of her colorful daily adventures, shares true friendship with the children in her community. When she becomes ill, the children offer her strength and support using all she taught them. Having fun with friends can be its own act of kindness.  Learn to share everyday joys with your community in these heart-warming activities.

Plus, you get to experiment with natural food coloring in the wonderful recipe provided by our friends at The Kids Cook Monday and created by Donna Kelly of Apron Strings.

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Miss Tizzy by Libba Moore Gray


The Book Discussion: Conversation Starters for Miss Tizzy





Heart Beet Cookies


The Recipe: Heart Beet Cookies provided by our friends at The Kids Cook Monday and created by Donna Kelly of Apron Strings. Visit  The Kids Cook Monday for more great recipes for your young chefs.




Miss Tizzy Kindness Activity


The Kindness Activity:  Friendly Flower Cards Consider making the cards ahead of time, then attaching them to flowers and sharing them on May Day!