Big-Hearted Gratitude: Little Miss Birthday Girl

One of the joys of parenthood is knowing another person completely. From that first, newborn expression of personality to the power struggles of toddler-hood, on through (I imagine ) every other milestone of life. I can somehow hold in my mind all aspects of this girl, now officially Little Miss Five. She is full of rainbows and lightening: all flash, bang, and snuggle.

And on this day, her birthday, I'm grateful for everything about her, from her sudden burst into our lives to her quiet independence. Oh, how she makes me thankful!


What is your family grateful for?

Routinely practicing gratitude is a wonderful way to pause and really notice the best bits of our everyday lives. A habit of gratitude is proven to make us happier, less stressed, and even physically healthier. Not to mention the increase in generosity that naturally comes from a feeling of contentment and thankfulness.

Join me each week as my family takes a moment to practice gratitude.