Big-Hearted Gratitude: Sister Plants

This week's gratitude is a bit hard to explain. This week, we are grateful for our Sister Plants. Way back in May the girls and I mixed up two seed packets and planted them in a new flower bed. The sister seeds, as we called them, were moon flower, which blooms by the light of the moon, and morning glory, which blooms in the morning sun. And both plants are insatiable climbers.

My girls and I have checked them often all summer, watching as they wrapped themselves up around our deck. The soft, fuzzy stems of moon flower hugging tightly to the sleek, smooth morning glory vines.

They were slow to flower, but in the last few weeks, both the bright blue and purple morning glories and the unexpectedly-large m, white oon flowers have put on a show for us.

For that, we are grateful.

And for the many opportunities to talk about how alike and how very different these sister plants are, I am grateful. What an excellent, ongoing demonstration of sisterhood (or brotherhood, or all of humanity as the case may be).


What is your family grateful for?

Routinely practicing gratitude is a wonderful way to pause and really notice the best bits of our everyday lives. A habit of gratitude is proven to make us happier, less stressed, and even physically healthier. Not to mention the increase in generosity that naturally comes from a feeling of contentment and thankfulness.

Join me each week as my family takes a moment to practice gratitude.