Checking In: #30Days of Kindness

Practice Kindness: unleash your child's inner superhero!

Practice Kindness: unleash your child's inner superhero!

We're more than halfway through the challenge, folks. How's it going? Are you still in? Are you excited to by the small gifts of goodness you've been able to share this month? Or are you carrying around a big load of guilt over the days you've missed. 

Let it go! Take a minute to celebrate the kindness you have accomplished.

I'm proud of you - of us - for making time for kindness during this busy month of new schedules and tired kids. If we can do this now, even if we're less than perfect, this school year really will be the kindest. year. Ever!

My family's experience with the #30Days of Kindness Challenge can only be categorized as a success.... by an unrelenting optimist, ha!

We've learned several important things about our family through this challenge:

  • We're good for four or five kindness "chores" in a week. We've missed one or two tasks on the list each week... and occasionally, my kids have just said no. This is always a good prompt for reflection.  Why not? Are you embarrassed to share poetry with your teacher? Are you unsure about what to write on an inspirational community letter? Fair enough, what would you like to do instead? Both of my daughters have offered their own suggestions.
  • We often participate in two or three unexpected, neighborly acts of kindness. These are just as valuable, and it's just as fun to reflect about the natural ways in which we live in community with others. 
  • There's an act of kindness for everyone. One of my daughters loved the sidewalk chalk task, and has repeated it a few times already. The other didn't participate in that one, but enjoyed writing poems and coloring pictures for teachers and friends. It has been wonderful to watch them gravitate to the good that suits them best.
Take the #30Days of Kindness Challenge anytime.

Take the #30Days of Kindness Challenge anytime.

How has your experience been? What challenges have you loved? Which ones have you skipped? What have you learned? 

We'd love to hear from you!