Gratitude and Giving

5 Gifts Every Family Needs More of All Year Long

Here's the truth about the holidays. One family alone cannot cancel the chaos. We cannot simplify our way out of the year-end hustle. And we just might need a little help! If you have some spare energy  that you didn't have a year or two or twenty ago, reach out to a family you love with gifts that will lighten the worry weight of the holiday season.

How to Quiet Distractions and Focus on Doing Good

Sharing compassion with others meets critical needs in our communities, even as it heals our spirits. With each act of service, our families can be a force for love and kindness, helping to heal our fractured country and connect meaningfully with those around us.

And along the way, our children will discover what it means to live an engaged and compassionate life.

A Music Lovers' Guide to Doing Good (with a Big-Hearted Playlist)

Music helps us rally and brings us together in a way few other mediums can. In spite all of its power, music has been absent from Doing Good Together's big-hearted offerings. Until now.Here are 5 projects for big-hearted music lovers.

On Mindfulness: Nine Tools for a More Grateful, Peaceful, and Connected Family Life

Unless we adopt healthy, intentional habits in our everyday family life, our best efforts at mindfulness will wind up like so many other things on our check lists: multi-tasked into meaninglessness, plowed through quickly, and crossed off before our goal is reached.