Your Big-Hearted Stories

We're hearing from so many big-hearted families doing many wonderful projects and activities. I'm grateful for everyone's contributions not only because they are strengthening our offerings here at Big-Hearted Families. They also keep me motivated to try new projects with my own family! I hope they do the same for you.

I spoke with one family that is busily preparing Halloween decorations for two nursing homes! What an inspiration, and what a great way to help a craft-loving child put their skills to good use!

Another family we know worked to Feed Hungry Minds this week, donating books (complete with notes from the family), to a local charity.

Many families are establishing regular habits to make good deeds part of their family routine. Setting up a dedicated "giving box" for a local food shelf or homeless shelter is one of the most popular ways to do this.

Check out Traci and her family's effort to place a "give" box in every closet, keeping donations at the forefront of their thinking.

And when you get a moment, share you story with us, either in the comments section here or straight to my inbox at Thanks!