Your Big-Hearted Stories: Birdseed Cookies & More

More and more families are making room for kindness and service on their family calendars. Whenever possible, I'll share their stories with you! One family we know decided to designate Thursdays as a weekly time for service, hoping that commitment would turn into a routine.

Mom, Nicole,  gave her six-year-old an option of simple projects, and he chose Birdseed Cookies.

They were all set.

Then the inevitable happened. With dad out of town and the business of everyday life stacking up, Thursday came and went without the cookies.

Mom planned a do over on Friday. By then, everyone was worn out, coming down with the sniffles, and generally grouchy.
As she tried to talk her son into the activity, Nicole tells me:
We talked about past service projects and my son told me that his personality is such that he only cares about himself. My heart sunk.
We've all been there! Especially when their overtired, kids know just what to say to push our buttons!
But mom tapped into her reserve stores of energy, or perhaps simply willed this kindness activity into being.
With some music, and the delightful, sensory messiness of mixing  birdseed cookie dough, both mother and son began to unwind.
After a busy, rather disconnected week, they ended it with a flourish of kindness, some hilarious dance moves, and laughter that forged the family connection we are all after.
Again, Nicole tells me,
I was reminded that this is the kind of quality time together that I love. Time well spent and a lesson about taking the time to do well for others.

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