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Big-Hearted Families is ready for its national debut. In the coming weeks, watch for Facebook updates, press releases, blog posts here and on other, like-minded websites, all sharing the details of Big-Hearted Families.

Today, you can check out a post over at VolunteerSpot featuring our work.

Of course, you already know the wonderful things available here. If you like what you see, now's the time to spread the word about everything Big-Hearted Families has to offer!


How will you support Doing Good Together?

Okay readers... It's pledge drive time... Please, don't click away! Hear me out. In case there is any confusion on this point, let me clarify:

  1. Big-Hearted Families is a project of Doing Good Together.
  2. Doing Good Together is a nonprofit organization.
  3. The resources, project ideas, and extensive tools shared both at Big-Hearted Families and at Doing Good Together are made possible by your generous donations.

Also, we are extraordinarily efficient. The vast majority of our funds are raised each October during our gala event!

And You Are Invited!

Take a moment to support us right now! Please!

  • Check out our ONLINE AUCTION HERE. (You'll have a chance to bid on some amazing items all to support family volunteering!)
  • Purchase tickets and plan to attend our event on October 11, 5:30 to 8:30 pm. (food, music, wine... and the opportunity to bid on some exclusive silent auction items!)
  • Make a donation here. (perfect if you don't need more stuff, can't attend the event, but want to show your support)

Investing in family service pays huge dividends: it helps solve immediate problems and creates hope by instilling the spirit of giving in a new generation.

Getting Warmer

Welcome to the Big-Hearted Families Blog! I'm so glad you've popped over to our blog.

I do hope you are enjoying the rest of our wonderful new site. It is full of  resources, tools, and inspiration to keep your family practicing kindness even on the busiest of weeks.

For the moment, Big-Hearted blog posts can still be found over at Doing Good Together. Follow us on Facebook for post updates or check back a few times a week to see what's new.

I especially hope you check out the Q&A Friday posts, where we need your expertise to help other Big-Hearted Families like YOU!

Starting September 1, this will be the home of Doing Good Together's Big-Hearted Blog. Welcome to the conversation!


What's New at Doing Good Together?

ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.... Have you noticed how sleepy Doing Good Together’s Kitchen Table Blog has been this summer?

Darn.I was hoping you wouldn’t notice, with all your travel plans, walks for a cause, lemonade stand fundraisers, and good, old-fashioned ice cream cones.

The fact is, the blog has been sleepy for a purpose.

Doing Good Together is changing. It’s growing! And the blog is changing right along with it.

The awesome team at Doing Good Together, has been hard at work developing new things for you.

New resources. New printable tools. New ways to weave kindness and compassion into your family life in ways that will make sure that today's good deeds inspire the next generation of do-gooders.

Over the next month, watch for a few new features on the blog as well:

  • The kinder book club is now the Big-Hearted Book Club, and later this year we’ll add the option to have our books sent right to your door, along with a kindness activity, and a family recipe!
  • Join us for the new Friday Q&A feature, where our growing, big-hearted community will help answer your questions and address your kindness conundrums. If you have a question, just e-mail them to me ( or leave them right here in the comments section any day of the week!
  • And take a moment to share your family's gratitude with us! I’ll be posting a photo, a video, or maybe just a short sentence about something my family is grateful for each week, and I'll invite you to share yours. Check out Raising Happinessfor another great opportunity to practice gratitude!

So as you enjoy the long, hammock-swaying, lemonade-sipping days of summer, check back now and then to see what's new at Doing Good Together.